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S&G ties up North American distribution deal

SandGTartan carpet manufacturer Stevens & Graham has signed an exclusive distribution deal worth up to $1m a year with New York interiors distributor Stark. Stark has sales of $500m.

'Our customers recognise the value of heritage and high-quality manufacturing and we are very pleased to have struck this exclusive distribution agreement,' says Ed Haleman, Stark general manager.

'We have agreed with Stevens & Graham that it will hold a minimum of 24 tartan carpets in stock, including Black Watch, Hunting Stewart, Wallace and McLeod.

'We are convinced that this is a win-win-win deal for everyone concerned and we expect to order at least $1m worth of UK-manufactured tartan carpets in 2014-2015 and, we believe, significantly more over the next few years.'

John McIlvogue, who bought the company from the founding Graham family last year, says: 'The contract with Stark is the first of what I believe will be a number of new overseas distribution contracts which recognise the legacy of the Stevens & Graham brand and mark a new, expansionist phase in the company's history. We have agreed six weeks delivery time for all Stark's orders and I am entirely confident we can readily meet its demanding specifications of quality.'

The Glasgow-based carpet maker employs freelance weavers to create its tartan-designed products that are then manufactured in England. Established in 1947 it has built a reputation as a supplier of high-quality carpeting to the hotel, golf club and retail market. It continues also to supply carpets to the public.