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Serene to move into new market

SereneTetrasBed supplier Serene Furnishings is to expand into another product area with the launch of a new division.

The new arm to the business – Serene Living – is set to launch in early 2015 and will initially present an eclectic collection of chairs and tables in a variety of design styles and materials.
The new division will operate alongside Serene Beds and be promoted by a separate, dedicated sales team that is currently being assembled.
'The company is now in an ideal position to expand what it currently offers. Building the portfolio in the way that is planned will enable Serene Furnishings to become a specialist in other areas of the household furniture market, as Serene has demonstrated over the last nine years in the bed sector. The planned launch of Serene Living, in the coming months, is very much part of a long-term plan and strategy that will allow us to achieve our goals of growth of market share, turnover and profitability; as a new arm to the business Serene Living will sit alongside Serene Beds, however the plan is to market them separately in order to penetrate those individual sectors most effectively,' says Tasleem Tasab, Serene founder and md.