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Fire destroyed 'everything'

KeithjayfireDave Hubbard, Keith Jay Carpet & Furniture md says he intends to trade on after the fire which left everything inside its main store destroyed, but is ‘in limbo’.

The 16 September fire at the London Road, Bognor fire took six hours to be put out.
‘They still don’t know what caused it. I’d like to know but because the damage is so great I’m not sure we ever will. The top floor has gone with everything stored there. The roof collapsed and it brought down the ceiling of the second floor,’ says Hubbard.
‘The only part not affected by the fire was the ground floor showroom, but that’s been totally decimated by smoke and water. There’s nothing left that’s sellable.
‘All I could do was stand and watch as it burnt down. I was completely helpless as I watched thousands of gallons of water being pumped into the shop. It did as much damage as the fire although obviously it was necessary.’
The company is trading from its Care Centre in the town’s Bedford Street ‘in a limited fashion’. ‘We have customer orders going through and we should be able to fulfill them. “We still have bills to pay, wages and rent and they don’t go away. I’m not sure what the future will hold, at the moment we’re in limbo until we hear from the insurance company. We have good customers. We hope they’ll continue to support us.’