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A dream kitchen? Tiles and a modern look please

Tiled kitchenConsumers want tiles on their kitchen floors and the kitchen to have a modern look if they were having their dream kitchen.

Almost a third of home owners (32%) would have their kitchen floor tiled if they were creating their dream kitchen, where money was no object. This was followed by vinyl (25%), laminate (22%), soli wood (13%) and cork (8%).
The survey of 1,000 home-owners for worktop manufacturer Mayfair Granite found that 26% wanted a modern style of kitchen, 21% wanted traditional, 20% country cottage, 18% transitional and 15% Shaker.
Some 39% said they wanted granite worktops, 32% quartz, 13% laminate, 11% hardwood and 5% stainless steel.
Picture: Wickes.