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New roles for Keen and Parry

James KeenJames Keen (pictured) has become Hypnos md and Clive Parry director of UK retail sales as part of management changes at the bed manufacturer.

‘I am delighted to announce these appointments as they are an important step in the evolution of the group, as we continue to grow at a phenomenal rate. Sales have doubled in the last four years and this trend looks set to continue,’ says Stephen Ward, Hypnos group md.
‘Last year we created two companies to serve the global bed markets, Hypnos Contract Beds for the hospitality sector, and Hypnos for the retail sector. We were able to appoint the md of Hypnos Contract Beds from within the business and John Woolley and his team have done a fantastic job in the last 12 months. The fact that we are also able to appoint the latest two roles from within, shows that we are developing great people within the organisation who have in-depth knowledge of Hypnos and the markets that we trade in. This specialist expertise combined with their passion for continued success means the business has an increased focus on each market with dedicated team to help drive the business forward.
‘This move also enables us to keep looking for new opportunities, without detracting from the current focus of the business, and to ensure that the investments that we have made in international partnerships over the last two years, start to get real traction.’