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Domotex success: driving sporting success

BergoBergo’s Eco Tennis elastic flooring was awarded the [email protected] label at Domotex in 2014. A product from the same range is bringing sporting fun to Swedish students.

Students from the town of Gnosjö in the south of Sweden have recently taken to spending a lot of their free time on the sports courts of their schools. The courts are fitted with the Bergo Eco Multisport flooring, made of 100% recycled and UV-resistant polypropylene in shades of Soft Green and Blue Sea.
The grid-like surface prevents slipping and, due to its excellent ‘stop-and-go’ properties, the flooring is also suited for all types of sports from aerobics to volleyball.
The new facilities were designed and built by the architect Tor Asbjörnsen from the local planning office. For Asbjörnsen it was important to inspire children and young adults to spend their free time in ways that promote healthy exercise – preferably away from computers or smartphones.
‘Studies have shown that courts with colourful surfaces have a greater potential to motivate people to exercise than do those featuring tarmac surfaces,’ explains Asbjörnsen. He chose Eco Multisport by Bergo because the flooring is made from recycled materials and is therefore eco-friendly while also being extremely versatile.
The flooring is available in a range of light colours that can also be combined. The material is suited for both indoor and outdoor spaces and can be used in all kinds of weather. Due to the surface’s grid-structure, rainwater drains rapidly and the flooring dries quickly. In hot weather, the tiles are still pleasant to use without shoes. The elastic flooring is easy on the back and joints, it’s sound-absorbing, easy to clean and extremely durable.
Bergo Eco Multisport can even be fitted on uneven grounds or worn wood surfaces. The tiles are preassembled in units of four and can be easily connected using a rubber mallet. The flooring can just as easily be disassembled and refitted at another place.
the Bergo Eco Tennis eco-friendly sports flooring was awarded the [email protected] label in the ‘flexible flooring’ category and the Swedish manufacturer will again be exhibiting its products at next year’s show.