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Home provides year-end boost for John Lewis

JLArielHome provided a boost for John Lewis in the final week of its financial year, but instore sales dropped.

The chain saw sales edge up by 0.6% to £69.97m in the week to 30 January, as a 6.4% rise in online sales offset a drop in instore sales. The Solihull (-21.9%), Newbury (-15.5%), Aberdeen (-12.2%), Swindon (-11.9%), Watford (-11.8%), Reading (-11%), Ipswich (-10.4%) and High Wycombe (-10.3%) branches all suffered double-digit sales falls.
Home sales rose by 2.9% in the week ‘and saw increases across all product categories, with home accessories driving the greatest year-on-year growth,’ according to Barry Matheson
John Lewis director, retail services.
From next week John Lewis is to overhaul its sales reporting., with trading updates issued on Tuesday’s. ‘Our weekly reports are changing to reflect the omnichannel nature of our business and will report on overall sales rather than individual shops, regions and sales channels,’ it says.