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MoOD/Indigo gears up for epic

MoOD 16 TRENDS CONNECTThe move of fabric exhibitions MoOD and Indigo to a new venue is proving a success.

The 6-8 September shows are already 75% sold out as they prepare for their debut at the Tour & Taxis venue in Brussels.
‘Textile design is so much more than the products themselves. It is part of a story. An epic story used by designers to give their creations a unified appearance and, more particularly, a deeper meaning. Textile narrates their pathos, through the design, the materials and the colours,’ says organizer Textirama.
‘MoOD and Indigo Brussels want to capture these stories, store and register them and above all: share them. Stories about the experience and the amazement about textile. True stories as well, in which textile takes the centre stage and those that are stored into our collective memory. We envision a speaker’s corner where fairy tales are alternated with pitches for products and concepts. We want to show finishings that can turn a simple cloth into an epic creation. Just think of wonderfully soft velvet or printing a trompe-l’oeil. And there will be room for great stories: the origins of iconic fabrics like damask or the search for the ultimate material for aviation for instance.’
MoOD/Indego trend coach Niek De Prest has chosen Epic as the trend for the shows.
‘More than ever it’s the stories and experiences that stimulate us. An epic concert, an epic dinner or an epic journey: it’s always about the experience and the story we can share with our friends afterwards. And we notice that design is also telling a story. When a company markets a design based on a journey through the wilderness, and it is inspired by the bark of an ancient tree for example, it can be the beginning of a narrative masterpiece. And of an epic experience for those customers who are attracted by this.’
She says Epic is made up of three themes: Wanderlust, Nearness and Flukiness.
‘The first theme, Wanderlust, is looking for the extreme experience. From getting lost in the jungle to the hobo sleeping under the bridge. In fashion you’ll recognise the influence of people who are willing to live far removed from all comforts for the mere sensation of it. Their spontaneity leads to a maximal¬ist, eclectic style. This theme encompasses a large sense of freedom, that many of us can only dream of.
‘For Nearness you could say that it is about the need to chat with the maker, the shop owner and the professional. The Internet cannot replace everything. It is only part of our experience. The epic experience is all about the small things in life: about closeness to your environment or the nature that was imported into the city.
‘I believe in technology that provides solutions. In algorithms and Artificial Intelligence that create new dimensions of creativity. The search for new creations and innovations is an epic story on its own. Moreover sometimes it entails chance discoveries. Hence the name Flukiness, obtained or achieved by chance.’