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Fitzrovia meet Moooi

june012016newsMoooi this morning unveiled its latest London showroom and brand store, in Fitzrovia.

The 23 Great Titchfield Street store occupies the ground floor space of the Moray House building. The characteristic interior represents a celebration of Moooi’s signature designs and lifestyle ideas in the context of the brand’s evolution. To complement the featured collection, a selection of rugs will bring colour and depth to the interior. ‘A complete Moooi world in the heart of London,’ says Robin Bevers, Moooi ceo. ‘This Moooi showroom and brand store represents a very important step in the international growth and evolution of the brand. The store radiates an air of creative luxury with an eccentric touch, provocative and poetic at the same time, that we call Rebellious Harmony. Inventive and pragmatic, playful and elegant, it perfectly reflects our brand’s philosophy that people are intrinsically drawn to beauty and are on the lookout for original ideas.’
The lighting collection on display includes a special edition of the Lolita lamp from 2008, developed especially for the London opening in a new shade of London Rosé. More recent designs such as Container Bodhi (2014), the futuristic Statistocrat lamps (2015) and Moooi’s newest dancing star Coppélia (2014) will also be showcased. To accessorise the space, several discernible Moooi designs made their appearance, including Egg Vase (1997), the classic Delft Blue collection (2007), Bart Sofa (2012), Love Sofa (2013) and the Heracleum small Big O (2014).
The selection of signature rugs, unveiled in Milan last month, enriches the interior of the store. Malmaison Guimauve, brings the fragrant beauty of a blooming rose garden indoors, in a modern evocation of liberty and colour. Frozen crystals are the choice for the jacquard woven rug Crystal Rose and Fool’s Paradise with its pattern of frosted flowers on a blue background and with decaying flowers, portrays a trip to the darker side of its alter ego, 2015’s Eden Queen.
Picture credit: Peer Lindgreen