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Technology provides delivery boost

LeekesdeliveryFurnishings chain Leekes has seen a delivery productivity boost of more than 20% after switching to route optimisation software.

The nine-store chain replaced its largely paper based system for handling more than 1,000 deliveries a week with Maxoptra. Integrated with the company’s sales order system, Maxoptra automatically processes order locations, produces optimised routes based on vehicle capacity and customer requests, and allows for the accurate calculation of delivery times.
‘Prior to the implementation of Maxoptra, the scheduling and route planning task was predominantly manual and overwhelmingly paper based. Maxoptra easily integrated with our sales order system so we can now automatically export addresses and calculate routes in a matter of minutes. The intuitive drag and drop functionality means we can adjust to incorporate local knowledge or changing requirements, and the automatic production of delivery manifests, in order, by vehicle, is a real eye opener.
‘‘We are confident it will also facilitate improvements in customer service, with more accurate ETA notifications, shorter delivery windows and, in due course, an online delivery tracking service for customers.’
Leekes operates a fleet of two-person Class 2 LGV vehicles from five regional operating centres. Delivering furniture, large home appliances and kitchens, up to seven days a week to customers across the UK, Leekes is in the process of expanding its delivery service with a new regional operating centre.