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Mone moves into interior design

MMoneInteriorsUnderwear entrepreneur and Conservative peer Michelle Mone has launched an interior design company.

She has formed Michelle Mone Interiors with established and award winning interior designer Julie Chapman as head designer.
‘I’ve always been a designer. Believe me, spending 20-years designing the perfect bra, means that I know a thing or two about design,’ said Mone.
The ‘partnership allows Michelle to combine her business attributes and unique design flair with Julie’s unrivaled experience and expertise as head designer. Michelle Mone Interiors creates beautifully crafted interiors that make exceptional homes for discerning clients across the globe. The company’s signature is to deliver British inspired elegance, with a twist of contemporary design and functionality that is created from the highest quality materials and craftsmanship,’ said the company.
Current projects are said to reflect the team’s experience in creating luxurious, sophisticated and timeless interiors for private clients, property developers, hoteliers and superyacht owners. While much of its work is focused on private residential and commercial properties in London and the UK, it will also work internationally – with recent commissions received in the Middle East and the Caribbean.
‘Our expertise lies in our clear understanding of how to balance luxurious elegance with intelligent design,’ added Mone.