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Ventura Lambrate finds new home (and name) after proving too successful

VenturalambrateA major part of Fuorislone during Milan design week is having to relocate after eight years, driven out by its own success.

Ventura Lambrate was set up by Margriet Vollenberg in the then unfashionable area of Lambrate to give new designers to opportunity to exhibit during the week. Now the exhibition has helped increase the profile of the area, increasing costs and forcing Vollenberg to look elsewhere.
‘For a starting designer, an academy or an independent label there wasn't that much space in Milan – both literally and figuratively speaking – to showcase their work. I wanted to change this and by doing so I had to make sure that surroundings were both adequate and attractive, that there was room for very different exhibitors, that the price was right, and of course that there was a pull to the location. Ventura Lambrate is the living proof of the success of this formula. Visitors came by the hundreds and thousands to the eight editions.
‘The success of Ventura Lambrate also means that the area came into development and rental prices in the Lambrate area started going up. Besides this also other projects came into the area during the design week and it was no longer possible to guarantee a high quality of design curation. We knew that if we wanted to stick to our key principal – creating a platform for emerging talents in a setting that is attractive to the pallet of the most important visitors – we needed to keep our offer for designers attractive and coherent. We want the best audience, platform, atmosphere, for our carefully selected exhibitors and in the Lambrate area this is no longer possible.’
For 2018 the event, renamed Ventura Future, will move to FutureDome, a building in owned by the International Institute of Futurist Studies on Via Giovanni Paisiello between near the city’s Central station and polytechnic.
‘Once this house was the meeting place of world renowned artists who were part of the Futurist Movement. During the forties, these last futurist artists met, worked and debated together, preparing next cultural currents. Ventura Future is now going to host in this very same place an innovative selection of designers who will grow a unique environment, where forms and methodologies can be experienced in an unexplored way following the long, revolutionary tradition of the original futurist spirit.
Vollenburg also confirmed that Ventura Centrale will again take place after its debut this year in disused warehouses at Central Station.