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Sleepeezee is to significantly increase marketing investment

Bed manufacturer Sleepeezee is to invest millions of pounds in consumer marketing in 2019 after finding its brand awareness was higher than expected among shoppers.

A survey of 1,000 consumers found its unprompted brand awareness was only behind two other — both long established — bed brands.

The finding is partially behind to the decision to halt plans to introduce a bed-in-a-box business under the Beautyrest by Simmons label.

The initial results were excellent, according to Joe Wykes, UK ceo of Sleepeezee parent Adova, but while many consumers named Sleepeezee unprompted, a significant proportion did so whilst misspelling the name, something they didn't do with rival brands. As a result it will spend almost £3m in 2019.

‘They know the name, but it is not yet front-of-mind. We want to improve our brand awareness so that Sleepeezee becomes much more visible,’ he said. He said that Sleepeezee being named before other emerging bed brands in the unprompted survey means the ‘Sleepeezee brand opportunity is much larger’ and made more sense than trying to establish a new brand from scratch.

It now plans to conduct more detailed consumer research so that it can make data driven decisions regarding how it allocates the additional marketing spend based on who it finds the typical Sleepeezee customer to be. Besides traditional and digital advertising, it also plans to support retail stockists' marketing efforts, and cited possible examples as offering a discount for a Black Friday promotion as well as providing more enhanced and eye-catching POS support in stores.

‘It is around push-to-pull. We want consumers to walk into bed shops and ask for Sleepeezee products,’ he said. The company also wants to increase stockist numbers, with the aim of having its business split roughly one third with independents, one third multiple retailers and one third exports.

Sleepeezee is taking on new north and south merchandisers as well as new staff in marketing and contract.

As the business moves into targeting export customers, will be attending the IMM Cologne in January, after a successful ‘mini’ launch of its top end products in Paris, where a number of retailers from different countries placed orders.