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Carpet Foundation to launch ‘added value offers’

ebuyerThe Carpet Foundation is set to introduce a series of ‘added value offers’ for its members in the coming months. 

The tie-ups, which have been negotiated with third parties, will bring demonstrable financial value to being a Carpet Foundation member, and, for the first time, are potentially of professional, and personal, benefit.

The first offer, which begins on 1 July, is with www.ebuyer.com, the largest independent online retailer of computer and electrical goods. 

Carpet Foundation members will have immediate access to preferential pricing and a dedicated level of priority customer service.

‘This is a major step for us and heralds a new dawn in terms of what we offer, and how.  EBuyer has a proven track record and a strong pedigree with 4million registered customers, and, pleasingly for us, it is UK-based. This offer provides a clear financial benefit to being a Carpet Foundation member and extends beyond the business world.  This is just a start and we already have two other offers ready to go which we will introduce before the end of the year,’ says Andrew Stanbridge, Carpet Foundation chief executive.