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Harvey's settles Raft copying case

raftharveysHarvey's has stopped using the name Raft for one of its dining ranges and pay legal costs to rival retailer Raft after copying its trademarked name. Anti Copying in Design has asked the chain to sign its code of conduct.

In addition, the furniture in the range, and the graphical style of the text used in the advertising, bore a significant resemblance to Raft's range and marketing which brought about an allegation of passing off.

Mick Quinn, Raft director complained to Harvey's in the spring about the range, fearing that consumers would think the chain was selling Raft's Indonesian reclaimed teak furniture. 'This is a great result for us, we have successfully enforced our rights against a much bigger company and have sent a clear message that we will not tolerate infringement of our rights in a business that we have worked incredibly hard to build and create a strong reputation for within the market as a quality, ethical brand,' he says.

'Raft demonstrated how effective pre-action correspondence can be and ensured they did not simply make empty threats. This is a key part of Raft's an effective IP protection strategy in ensuring potential infringements are followed up immediately,' says Kelly Hudson, McDaniel & Co solicitor.

Dids Macdonald ACID ceo says: 'As a positive gesture of goodwill I will be writing to invite Harvey's to sign the voluntary ACID Code of Conduct with its accompanying guidelines which aim to help retail personnel avoid unintentional infringement in the future. This is a Government endorsed initiative and part of ACID's ongoing Commission it; don't Copy it campaign.'