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Blog: The difference of a day

HengeSince ISalone moved to the out of town Rho venue it has been blessed with lovely spring weather on every opening day. However this year proved as reliable as a hotel's wifi connection.

'It's worse than at home,' remarked a couple, as they stepped off the Easyjet plane early yesterday morning. And it was. The sky was grey and cold with a hint of rain. When they and I had left Gatwick it was dark but clear with promise of better things.

Move on 24 hours and the picture has changed entirely. Milan is basking is warm April sunshine that seems quite alien given the UK weather of the past weeks. Here at Zona Tortona there are a few people in t-shirts – an idea that yesterday would have been madness.

Tortona remains the main centre of the multitude of city centre events that run alongside the show, and it is cheering that there is still a buzz about the place – as there was at Rho yesterday. Tortona seems to have accepted its role as leader among the off-show locations and re-embraced the independent spirit that was in danger of being swallowed by corporate values.

Later on there will be more from Tortona and the other areas, and initial highlights from ISalone (technology permitting).

Pictured is Henge's O-One sofa.